Founded in 1995, ADETA (VIANA) - Navigation and Transit, Ltd. started its activity as a Ship Agency, with the particularly to assist crews and to give customs support among others.

Starting 2008, the company proceeded to diversify its Business Area in Consulting and Custom Transit, with the goal set, to prevent the risk which is inherent to the inactivity of Shipyards (so far our main customer).

Currently, the company as ADETA Navigation and Transits is trying to assure a place for itself as the Reference for Regional Partners, mainly for Exporting Companies in Minho, with the goal of acting as a catalyst for the whole export / import family and their processes. We also want to provide all kind of support services to businesses in order to help them (you) with your decisions. This way we may enhance your capabilities to create more value in order to become more competitive in the market. Not to forget that we always exist to maintain our agent component alive!